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Ready for glass collection?

We're always adding new collection areas based on interest.


Check out our collection area.  If your home is in the area, then check our pricing options and subscribe below!


Not in the area? Join our waitlist (and tell your neighbors). We will let you know when collection starts in your neighborhood.

Collection Area Dec_edited_edited_edited

Our Pricing

One Bin (~60 bottles)

Activation Fee: $35

Once Monthly Pick-Up: $25/month

Every Other Month Pick-Up: $12.50/month

Two Bins (~120 bottles)

Activation Fee: $50

Once Monthly Pick-Up: $40/month

Annual Subscription (One-Bin)

Activation Fee: $35

$250/year ($20.83/month)

Once Monthly Pick-up

Pay once annually

Are you in the area and ready to start glass collection?

Not in the area yet? Join our waitlist!

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