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Glass Pickup in Knoxville, Tennessee

Glass bottles ready for recycling
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May Collection Days

Pick-up days this May are from the 28th to the 30th (Tuesday - Thursday).  


If you are currently subscribed for pickup this month, expect to see a reminder email and/or text the night before your collection day!

On pickup day, make sure to set out your bin in a location on the front side of your property that is clearly visible from the street.  Check our FAQ page for more info.


Giving new life to old glass

At Fourth and Glass Recycling Co., we are Knoxville's only dedicated residential glass collection company.  We're keeping glass out of the landfill by taking old bottles and jars and crushing them into sand and gravel for use in tiles and decor, landscaping, sandblasting, road construction and more!

If you would like us to collect your glass, check out our upcoming collection area:


Knoxville, TN, USA

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